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Make Disciples the Way Jesus Did
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Follow Me:
Make Disciples the Way Jesus Did

So many Christians have a selfish view of their faith. They assume Christianity is all about getting our prayers answered and feeling God’s love. Those are good things, but the Lord calls every Christian to invest His love in others. This practical book will inspire and equip you to make disciples wherever you are. Lee Grady not only describes how Jesus trained His disciples, but he also shares from more than 25 years of experience mentoring younger Christians. This is a vital book for every Christian leader! You will learn:

  • What are the three key relationships every Christian needs to grow spiritually.
  • The six key things you must do to help another Christian grow in their faith.
  • Practical ways to invest in your disciples, including how to host an effective small group.
  • How to take a new Christian to maturity, so they can also make disciples!
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