The Mordecai Project is a Christian ministry
founded by J. Lee Grady, a journalist, ordained minister and
author of the groundbreaking book 10 Lies the Church Tells Women.


Confront the global oppression of women. This is one of the most unspoken of topics all over the world. Women are hurt and even dying in domestic violence.


Empower women to discover their God-given spiritual gifts and ministries. World suffers in many ways siply because women's gifts are hidden or not discovered yet.


Equip Christian men, including church leaders, to recognize, value, protect and train the women in their lives.

This mission is accomplished through books, preaching,
mentoring, leadership conferences, ministerial retreats,
and television programs in various languages.

Safe Homes
Girls Saved
Girls Graduated
Meals Per Day

Current Needs


Prayer is at the core of our ministry. We believe in supernatural guidance and leadership of the Holy Spirit. In, many case prayers were the only resource that we had to bring healing, restoration, and empowerment.

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We are receiving so many invitations and informed of so many places where girls’ home need to be placed. the only thing that is limiting us right now is the lack of funding. We pray and believe that God will find an amazing team of supporters who will join us in the journey fo freedom.

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