• LOCATION: Tanuku, India
  • PROJECT: Mordecai’s House Girls’ Home
  • DIRECTOR: Raja and Padme Undurthi
  • FINANCIAL NEED: $35,000 to Complete Construction

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India is not a safe place for women. In fact, many married couples choose to abort their babies if they learn they are female. This is because Indian tradition requires families to pay an expensive dowry to a girl’s husband when she marries. This unbendable rule has made girls a huge burden to society. Many girls are also thrown into the streets because families don’t want the financial liability of the dowry.

During Lee Grady’s first trip to India he met Raja Undurthi, an indigenous missionary who also translated for Lee. Raja and his wife had been struggling to support a small girls’ home on their own, but Lee decided to come alongside them to help. Today, Mordecai’s House offers food, clothing and loving Christian discipleship to 33 girls who were abandoned because of their gender.

In 2016 we purchased land for a new home for the girls at Mordecai’s House, and we are currently in the construction phase. Our dream is to help more girls, and to see the girls who are currently living there get a university education. This would be a remarkable achievement in India because most girls are kept out of school.

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